Making A Mule Palm Tree

Mule Palm Trees

How a Mule Palm Tree Is Made

It starts with taking the pollen from a Queen Palm Tree and applying it to a Pindo Palm. (Sorry folks, We are going to  keep this lesson simple and leave out some details here that are crucial steps during and after the cross pollinating)

Clean The Fruit

Once the fruit is ready, our palm tree specialists then clean the pulp from the palm fruit so we just have the new hybrid Mule Palm seed.

Our Own LED Based Germination Room

This is another special growing procedure of Mule Palms that is only practiced by us. The Hybrid Mule Palm seeds go into the LED Light Based Sterile Room to start germinating


As long as the moisture levels, light requirements, air circulation, and humidity levels are maintained daily, In a few months to a year from now, we have sprigs of tiny Mule Palm Tree leaflets starting to grow.....hopefully.

Bump Them Up

Now, it's time to get the Mule Palms into the next size container....without breaking them....and repeat...Within a few years, we can start selling these Hybrid Mule Palm Trees.